Fap Turbo Review

The truth of the matter is, that there are a lot of different automated forex software systems out there these days. And most of them will destroy your bankroll.

But Fap Turbo isn’t one of them.

In fact, Fap turbo is the new and improved version of the Forex Autopilot forex software trading system, which was one of the hottest forex software trading systems out there when it was launched.

The beauty is in the trades (obviously). Many users have reported weekly increases of thirty to two hundred percent, with many of them letting fap turbo trade half their account every time. Seems a little risky, but in order to make money in forex trading, you need to have either a very large bankroll with a little leverage, or a small to medium sized bankroll leveraged a little higher. But that’s all dependant on your risk tolerance. For our purposes, we only trade about ten percent of our bankroll at a time and have received about five to twenty percent growth on our account.

The Fap Turbo Review: Why is Fap Turbo Unique?

Everyone is worried about the idea of an FAP turbo scam – so let’s look into what it does.

-It focusses on quick, short-term trades where it can effectively grab a couple quick pips at a time, making you a quick profit over time. (We advise keeping a very tight stop loss on it however, as frequent trading when you let it run for long periods of time can wipe out an account once on autopilot if you just leave it as all of your gains can be erased in one bad trade).

-It trades multiple currencies at the same time, including EURCHF, GBPCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, EURUSD.

-It ALLOWS tight stoploss settings. Most older forex robots had incredibly high stop loss settings. So if you have a trend that went against your position, it often would wipe out your account, due to the highly leveraged position. We can’t overstate the importance of this – tight stop losses are very important when trading currencies.

-It trades under the radar. It literally hides your profit and stoploss values from the brokers. Which is extremely important, as some brokers try to increase the spreads between currencies and try to hit account’s stop loss settings (especially if they feel the account is being traded by a robot).

-It doesn’t trade on Fridays. We know some people like to trade on Fridays, but for some reasons, we’ve always found Fridays to be a bit of a strange day that has often gone right against what we thought to be rational trading. So to have this safety feature built in, has been great. The key to forex trading is to make the most of your winnings, and get your money out with as small a loss as possible when things are going against you. And that’s why we feel this software really shines.

The software was really easy to use and set up, once you joined the member area (which had many different videos to help guide you along the way). They also guide you along the way, if you decide to setup a dedicated computer (VPS) to run the software on all day – which can be a good idea once you start making money, as it reduces the risk of someone turning off your home computer while it’s trying to trade your account!

fap turbo review

fap turbo review

Most people don’t do their homework when it comes to Forex Trading Software but reading this fap turbo review is a great start.

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